Rules and F.A.Q

Before you start posting, here are a few rules which are simple actually, but still need to be cleared.

  • .. Only female bloggers can join in as writers. Male bloggers get to do a guest post on invitation only.
  • . Please do not discourage any writer from expressing her views. Healthy criticism acceptable.
  • This blog respects women of all shades and walks of life. Do not hold prejudice for anyone.
  •  We request the authors to reply back to comments.
  •  Re-posting from your own blogs allowed on weekends (except for the sections where re-posting is allowed 3 times a month any day of the week)

F.A Qs
1) Who will read this blog?
Well this blog is open for all. Anybody who googles anything can be lead right into this space.

2) What do I write about on this blog?
 There is no restriction to the content (which I hope wont be overtly explicit) and the length of your posts. It could be creative writing (fiction, poetry, random outburst), recipe, beauty tips, fashion, music, confessions. IF you are an artistic person, you can post the pictures of your work. If it is a craft then you can even mention the technique of making it. You can post as many posts as you like and on diverse topics.

3) I m not a regular writer.. Can I join in?
  Yes, we do know that posting on multiple blogs regularly could be difficult. All we need is a post now and then to keep the blog running. 1 post a month is the minimum requirement. That isn't asking a lot, is it?

4) How do I join ?
Simple, drop us a mail at and we would send you an invite.


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