March 23, 2013


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Why does my heart bleed,
if it is a normal day?

Why does it take an effort
to be myself today?

Why do memories bring me pain
If I'm happy today?

Why lose myself in thoughts
if I enjoy conversing today?

Why does it take more time for work
if it is a routine day?

Why isn't my smile from heart
like any normal day?

Why the tremble in my fingers
as I'm blogging today?

Why my eyes well up for no reason
when I'm fine in every way?

What is it that I'm missing
if I'm happy today?

Is it just that I'm not with you
that makes it  so hard today?

March 21, 2013

Wedding Bells for a Darling

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So, I guess I am as good as a newbie to this place.The only reason being...the last time time i wrote here was..errr..okay nevermind.
The point is , there is simply no point beating around the bush. I accept i have been horrifyingly lazy.Even this post is not like a "look at me , I have returned for good" types. I have been simply way too much messed up busy with stuff...good stuff.
I had been wanting to type this out for quite a few days now, but i simply honestly DID NOT get time. *innocent face*
I wont be too long and novel-ly here.My association with Darlings of Venus is about a couple of years now. Seems like i am a veteran here, looking at the amazing number of new members joining. Great Job Maithz.
Its beautiful isn't it? How random women around the country have connected together so well.I for one couldn't consider myself any luckier. I have got some absolutely brilliant friendships from this place.Friends who have grown from being just friends...they feel like an irreplaceable part of my life.
One such person got married last year. It is Spaceman Spiff . She started of as a stranger, a random mutual blogger, a friend, a buddy, a critique and now my elder sister. I had wanted to dedicate a post for her,before her wedding...but time didn't let me to.But then I made up for it by being there in person on her special occasion.
My friendship with MSM is i guess legendary by now. *grins*
And some other friends who have formed a beautiful bond with me.
One such person is Soumya from
Life of Leo.I landed on her blog through DOV and some fellow bloggers.Guess her "this is me, take it or leave it" approach warmed me to her.Not everyone can be so gutsy.We never really had much of a conversation, but it always felt nice to connect through each others' blog posts. A good story teller , a lovely poetess, hotness diva and a tender coconut personality. I could sum her up in these words.I guess all her blog followers have been through her journey with her guy Cal through her posts and her honest words have made a connect with us all.
Her journey with him culminates tomorrow into a beautiful finale and leads them together into a brand new beginning.
Unfortunately I won't be able to make it for the wedding.So I thought of dedicating a post for her.
Darling Soumya,here's wishing You and Cal, from all of us here at DOV a very very blissful,crazy,love filled,happy and a wonderful  married life.Shine like a star that you are tomorrow .
Cheers to a lifetime of togetherness.*hugs*
Blessed Be.

March 10, 2013

Honey Trap

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This story is not fictional and but also not completely real. I knew the characters of this story (though not personally) and has taken up some creative independence to restructure the series of events. All names have been changed. The story timeline is somewhere in early years of this century.

Ankita hurriedly threw her school bag on the bed and rushed to change the uniform. It is already 3:30 PM. Even if she gorges down her food in jet speed then also she is going to be late. 'He leaves the shop by 5PM' she thought in her mind. Anyways, she picked her tuition bag and checked her wallet, 'Wow, with this much money I can buy two cassettes this month'. 

As soon she stepped out of her house, Sonia called her from the neighboring house. Same age, same class although different schools, same tuition classes, good neighbors but still Ankita never felt to bond with her. 'That tuning is not there between us' she always thought. Sonia told her that she is rushing to her friends as there is an accident there but asked Ankita to not to tell this either to her parents or the tuition teacher. 'If Sir asks tell him that I am not well' muttered Sonia in her typical sing-song voice. 'What a big was so evident that she is cooking some kind of silly excuse for her absence from classes' Ankita thought but said OKkk and moved ahead to the local market.

'Ohhh Thank GOD it is only 4:10PM', she would surely be able to get a glimpse of him. Who is 'him'? He is the brother of the owner of the biggest & best gift gallery & Variety shop of her so called small town. People call him Champ....'indeed he is, such a good looking hunk and so amiable & friendly...I just looooove the way he ties his bracelet on his wrist' Ankita's mind crooned. His shop is always the happening place of the area. Every month Ankita saves her pocket-money to buy some music cassettes from his shop. Also, buying gifts for friends & usual stationary stuff, all is done from this outlet only. Ankita' mind continues 'His voice pours as music to my ears......Last time also he asked for my phone number....I felt so awkward & scared....Ohh such a goofy I am..Today I would   exchange phone numbers for sure...what if my phone is always guarded by my parents...I can manage to sneak sometime!!'. She reached the shop but found that he has already left for the day. 'What the ...., Why he has leave early today only....her luck never favors her'. She postponed the idea of buying cassettes for some other day....'Searching for a nice album through the catalog takes so much time, she does not want to waste that only opportunity to be with him in vain'.

Heavyhearted, she went to her tuition classes. There she came to know about the 'Gossip of the day'. Priya whispered in a hush-hush tone 'Hey, do you know Sonia is going around with Champ these days!'. 'What!!!' Ankita literally shouted. 'Yesss this news is 100% pakka, they are seeing each other and today also they had gone for a date'. Ankita tried not to listen any more to Priya. She felt so bad. All her beautiful thoughts which she has spanned around him crashed with a jolt.

Next couple of weeks, she tried her best to avoid Sonia and forget her mushy romantic crush for Champ. In spite of her best efforts, her mind wandered multiple times in his thought…'Why luck never favors me, Why it can’t be me in place of that Sonia…life is so unfair' her heart continued to yearn for him…..

 Now, almost a month has passed after that. Ankita has been able to gather herself and continued with her normal life. Yeah...she went to buy those cassettes but after 5PM only....'I cannot face his flirty behavior anymore'...but the shop was closed. She went again after 10 days but still it was closed....'They have closed their business and "bitiya" do not visit this place anymore' one of the neighborhood ageing shop owner told her.

That night while having dinner she started surfing though various TV channels when her fingers paralyzed on one news channel. 'They are flashing a 'Breaking NEWS' and her town's name is there. OMG....What are they is news coverage of a MMS (obviously dirty!!) flooding the internet where the girl has been identified from her town...these news channel has got other details as well. The news anchor was shouting on the top of his voice.....See where the latest generation is moving....they take everything so casually...this girl studying in Class 11th belongs to a middle-class family and the guy is a local shop-owner. As per our sources, this guy is into this dirty business of luring innocent teenagers, trapping them in his 'honey-web' and after filming them in compromising acts, selling those clippings in market. Police has raided his house and found many other clips & MMS well. He is absconding now. Girl's family is not ready to comment...blah blah. They kept on showing the bits of MMS (blurred though) on their screen...However blurred it is, Ankita can recognize that bracelet on the guy's wrist!!!!

She got up from the sofa and went to her room.....closed her eyes and said 'THANKS a lot GOD.....from now onward, I would never blame my saved me from falling in that dirty pit'.

March 8, 2013

The Gift

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It was women's day the day after and she was teasing him, posing the question -'What are you going to do for the women in your life?' Though she asked generally, they both knew that she was mockingly asking what surprise he has got for her. Back came an equally notorious reply - 'I am not gonna do anything. That in itself is a great gift!'. And the conversation continued with mischievous questions and answers...

A year back....
she was the girl who would think twice about wearing a Kurti and a Jean. Having been brought up by an orthodox family, she grew up thinking salwar-kameez is the decent dress and the modern wear are for extremely thin women and not for chubby people like her. That thought was so inculcated in her that she refused to even think of trying out. Not only it was about the looks, but she was a confused soul. She never felt completely at ease with herself.

He tried so many times to change her absurd mind-set about modern wear. If you wear the right dress and carry it off coolly, there is no such thing as indecent about modern wear. But how will he get her to realize her? He kept on persisting in different ways. He asked her to wear it and show it to only him so that she would be more comfortable. Once he got her to trying, he was sure he can make his way through. He also knew that once she was more comfortable with herself, her insecurities and confusions can be warded off so easily. He just needed an entry point to her closed mind and this dress thing could be it.

Slowly, she started. First with Jean and Kurtis. She saw that it was not bad. Then with experience, improved her fashion sense and the mentality. Then came shirts, t-shirts, formals... It was clear to her that all that mattered was correct selection of the dress, size and judging if she will be able to pull it off. With every step, he was there giving constructive criticism. His was the final ruling. And slowly he made her rethink her decisions, motives in life. She started seeing it. Although the fears ran very deep, she started to see it was not impossible. It was moving mountains, but she felt she could.

A year hence....
She is a totally different person -both by looks and by mind. Not only did he manage to change her mindset about looks, he had managed to make her see sense in many other aspects. Life appeared more beautiful with him. Though she struggles here and there to completely overcome those core habits, she tries-For him. She is a  more confident person. She has left behind the ghosts of her past. He made everything easier for her. She succeeds sometimes, fails sometimes but now she knows. That with a little more effort, someday it would all be smiles.

On women's day, she was getting dressed up to go to office. He was also joining her in a while as their offices are in the same direction. She looked at the mirror for one final touch and did a double take. She was dressed in a black turtle-neck tee, blue jean and pretty grey shrug. Long silver earrings with pearls at the end donned her ears. Her hair was fluttering casually. She could not recognize herself. Was this the conservative woman who was uncomfortable wearing a jean? Was this the woman who was so confused with herself and her life? Definitely not. This woman in the mirror had an air of dignity. She knew that she was working on a lot of aspects but still she had come a long way. She had her identity but somehow she felt she was better now, in all ways.

A smile lit up her face as she realized what he had given her - not only for women's day but for ever.

Until later,
Keirthana :)

P.S: Happy Women's day to all. This post is dedicated to all women and men who treat women with respect and have helped the women in their life in some way or the other.

March 7, 2013


Posted by Smita at 11:11 PM 3 comments

Value the diamond that has emerged from the coal mine just for you, as if not valued, the diamond shall burn like coal, giving away harmful carbon dioxide, unlike the shine and value that a diamond may add to your life!
How true can this be for the women in your life? Value women and you value your own self. Does letting the other person above you means that you are letting yourself down? Think about your mother. Think about those numerous times when she might had put her ill health behind and prepared food for you, for the family. Irrespective of all the pains she would have finished all the house chores. Think about the events when she would have taken all the blame game on her to save you and family.
Women embraces and praises all. Absorbing all the sorrows and turning them into happiness is the quality she is blessed with. All she desires for is Love and Respect. Love for the soul and Respect for the mind. She is an epitome of kindness. Think about your sister, your friend or any other female in your life. How many times you were forced to think by their act of kindness that it would have been impossible for you to react in the similar manner as she just did, on some burning issue! Patience is another virtue that a woman is worshipped for!
Women supports one in all the ways she possibly can! Women are worshipped as goddess, mother. Then why today we have so much injustice happening to them? Why we can’t have a society where we have equality for both genders. Why this discrimination then?
Men think we women don't do what we feel like doing. But that's not the case. We have our own limits defined and we are well satiated with whatever we are provided.
We women are not weak or afraid of showing our strength. Of-course we are physically not so strong as men are but where ever we are pushed to show our strength we show it.
Women is to giving or let's say Giving is to Women. Give, not under some compulsion or fear, but we love to Give. Hence we call it Loving and not Giving.
It's the nature of Women to be so. We don't complain, we are simply made to Give. We love to give Love and surely do we love when given back something in Love. That's why it is said, only a little of His love is required to woo a her while all of Her is required to woo Him.
We are made by God to shower love, bound purity of soul and spread happiness. We have it in our nature to absorb all the pain and are blessed with the magical power to convert it into blissful happy notes of life.
Proud to be a Woman!

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