Discussion 1: October '11

As we step into the second month of our blog, its time to start some fun here. Hoping that you all have now pretty much understood the way our blog functions and have found comfort here. 

Let us begin the first discussion... 
- Do not meander away from the topic given.
- The discussion will be on all  month, so if there are already two posts up that day, please  schedule your post for the next day or write one next day.. This will ensure that your post gets its due attention. 
- If you face any problem with the scheduling, kindly mail it to us at darlingofvenus@gmail.com . We will ensure it is posted at the right time under your name. 
- Post will be disqualified if it has excessive use of abusive language. 
- Opinions will differ and I hope none of you gets too aggressive to prove a point :) 

A choice? Lack of opportunity? Or fear of the outcome?

It is a controversial topic with lots of Ps and Qs. Lot of space for literal exploration. So get on with it and yes, give your honest opinions on the same.. At Darlings of Venus, we appreciate the real you.. 

Once again the choice of posting it anonymously remains. If you do not feel comfortable posting it under your name, you can always mail us and we will post it under "anonymous" tag.. 

Posts for Discussion1
1..All that revolves around the V
2..Speaking for all the virgins in the world
3..The virgin post
4..The 'it' factor
5..The "haws" and the "oohs"
6..Have you lost it?
7..Chastity- I smell it on you!
8..Losing it with Pride

Discussion 2: November '11

The next topic of discussion is: 

Sexual Abuse 

This topic is lot more sensitive than the previous one. Many of us have been fortunate enough to not ever get abused sexually at a young age. But to be true each one has experienced it.. in a very subtle form.. a bad touch, hovering hands, eve teasing, someone talking dirty to you.. It has all happened right?

To be more precise, we do not want rape cases and statistics here. We want to know YOUR story.. What YOU have experienced or been witness to. How did you escape being tormented? What effect did it have on you? Did you ever help someone undergoing this type of abuse? How can young girls avoid it ? 

Be true to yourself and us and talk it out here.. IT will help you heal.. If you have been really really fortunate to never ever have experienced any of the things talked above, then maybe you can write about statistics and all.. But be true.. 

I know talking out here again would be a problem for some so please please use the ANONYMOUS option given.. Your story might just help someone undergoing similar situation.. 

The discussion would go on all month.. This month you all have more time.. I m waiting for more posts :) 
Readers too can write a post and mail it to us at darlingsofvenus@gmail.com..

1.. Is it me?
2.. If The Street Dog Barks And Escapes, Do Not Mind.
3.. I Wish
12.. Love Bites

Discussion 3: December '11

The topic for discussion this month is- "THE ART OF GIVING"

What can you write under this topic?
Like always- Anything you like! :) 
Write about giving or receiving a gift that spreads smiles, some unique gifting ideas, about to HOW to give and WHAT to give..
If any of the members here is good at art or craft then please please do post some handmade stuff to gift.

We hope this month no one would need "Anonymous" choice. But still option is open like always.
New members please do participate this month.

Come on Darlings, let make this month a celebration for our readers.. 

P.S: Please label your posts for discussion as "Your name" "Discussion Number" and any other label if you want. Makes it easier to sort..


1) After all these days? Always..
2)  When I made my daddy happy
3) Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but what we give
4) On giving
5) Of snow and bells
6) The gift of light
7) The small gifts

Discussion 4: February 2012

Hey Darlings,
      There was no topic for discussion last month as many of the Darlings were on a blogging break and the entries for the last discussion were very few. Now that I see many of you returning to blog world I feel its time for the next discussion.
      Keeping in view that it is the month of love and Valentine's is only a few days away, the topic has been decided to pamper and cherish the men in our lives..
      The topic is - The men in  my life..
      It does not have to be only your better half. It could be about your dad, your brother, male friend or any random male you would like to talk of.
      Once again I would like to speak out the rules.
1) No  more than 2 posts allowed within 24 hours. If you see that there have already been 2 posts, then please schedule your post or mail it to us on darlingsofvenus@gmail.com and we will put it up at the right time. It is only to give proper exposure to each post.

2) Once again poetry and fiction allowed. But I would advise you to use minimum fiction.

3) You have the option of posting anonymously by just mailing the post to us at darlingsofvenus@gmail.com

4) Female readers who are not yet a part of DOV authors are welcome to post a guest post on the same topic.

5) Label your post as "Your name" "Discussion 4" and any other label you feel apt.

I request you all to participate in this discussion and make it a success. Spread the love..


1.He-man , Super-Man, Bat-man.. My-man!
2.MY FIRST MAN!! :) 
3.The Men in My Life
4.The Men in my Life-The What-if Men! 
5.Dear menKIND 
7.Shoe Laces and The Men in my Life 
8.the Men in my Life. 
9.Hunks and Me :P 
10.The Inseperables..!!!

Discussion 5 
The topic this month is "Size matters"
          You are free to interpret this topic in whatever way you can. Its kind of an open topic and chosen because of the variety that can come with this. Talk about whatever size issues you have! It could  be humor too!
          You can write anonymously if you have some problem revealing your identity. Just mail the post to darlingsofvenus@gmail.com

1. I like it small
2. Stolen
3Size does matter to me, but in different ways
4. The thin line between slim and plump
5. Living life XL, bada hai toh behtar hai
6. Size matters.. Duh

Discussion 6
IF the world is really ending.

1. What if it doesn't
2. If it does, and when it does
3. Let the world end
4. In a petri dish- a sci-fi twist

Discussion 7
Monsoon memories
1. Monsoon memories-Nostalgia
2. Monsoon memories- Flood in the house
3. Monsoon memories- A thunderstorm saga
4. Monsoon memories
5. A raindrop on my cheek
6.Storm before calm
7. Wet Moon- Monsoon memories
8. A love's ache
9. Downhill the memory lane
10.Washed again


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