July 4, 2019

You are not good enough!

Posted by Narayani Karthik at 2:49 PM 6 comments

"You are not good enough", the lady heard the lines, a hundred times...
But, NEVER in words or actions but in, accusatory whines and condescending jibes!

What was she NOT good at?, she pondered over and over....
Perhaps, not clearing away the dining table clutter or, the heap of clothes on the side for a week, yet to be folded....

Declutter, declutter....the words now haunt her day and night....
For she wants to now run away from home and routine, to some strange land out of sight!

Bereft of what she expects are the words 'care' and 'respect' !
She now feels like a deflated soul reduced to a role of some disposable help!

In what words could she explain that, she too would love to have tea served to her, once in a blue moon?
For she now feels her culinary skills are anything but a boon!

Fresh food on the table, fresh clothes for the family, clean bathrooms and, timely beverages at call.. 
"But aren't they her duties?", and the human brain begins nitpicking the unfinished tasks, that are conveniently gargantuan and tall!

"You will never be good enough!", the voice has changed from outside to inside...
As she munches on a half burned toast with tears of shame and, a tattered pride!

But now, she knows what she shall allow is what will continue....
As she wipes those tears of hurt, feeling strengthened and new!

Respect is earned, they say...but then, so is love!
Now, she must make sure that others know that too, steady and slow!

Take care of her in the way she seeks!
And you will get her back in the way you dream!


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