July 20, 2014

The Broken Vase

Posted by Sunitha Vijayanarayan at 11:34 PM 9 comments
My own glistening eyes I see
In a thousand reflections
On the remnant pieces 
Of my favorite vase that broke

May be the cracks
Were always a part of it.
Inherent , incomprehensibly subtle or Invisible
From my rose tinted fools paradise.

Blood flows through my cracked fingers
As I try to pick up the fragments
One by one , each  hurting me anew
Leaving yet another scar ..

With a broad sweep ,
I want to shove it away
All the hundreds of shining parts
Of that beautiful vase that I thought it once was.

Ringing anew in my ears
The laughter of crackling glass 
Brings thoughts of happy past.
Distracted , I 'd let them hurt me again.

Leaving 'time' to dry the glistening drops
Of blood and tears on glass,
I look into your loving eyes and find
That strength to walk away.

P.S : 
Friendship is like a vase. Once broken , always the cracks remain....I wish I didn't but now I know it is true.

P.P.S : Posting after a very long hiatus. I will make every effort to be regular from now on..

July 15, 2014

Tension !

Posted by Smita at 11:35 PM 3 comments

:(” the message read.
“What happened” she replied.

“Tell me one thing honestly”, came another message.
“Hmm…okay…go ahead…shoot”, she replied.

:(”, the message read.
“Arre…what is it.”

“Do I look like a drug addict to you?”, the question was straight and clear.
“Lol Lol Lol”, she replied.

L You think I am joking, right? :(
“No yaar, I know why you would have been given that title. Lol”, she laughed.

“I know you gym a lot so that is the reason that your eyes are a bit … hmm … you know what I mean right? :p”, she chuckled.
“Yea, it’s the gym but do my eyes look like as that of a drunkard? :(”, he said.
“Arree … no .. but why would you say so?”, she asked.
“I was visiting my friend in hospital yesterday. There I met his mother and she started enquiring from me about things like – Do you people drink often? You people have it over or you go out? Do you people drink it for fun or to get high? :( Yaar, I had gone to console her, to relieve her from her tensions but instead she gave me tension! Am never meeting her now”, he ended the conversation.

She smiled.
Innocence sometimes come in masked funny ways. Opening the unknown truth of the heart to strangers.

The conversation ended.

July 9, 2014

Guilty conscience of a daughter

Posted by Keirthana at 10:40 PM 9 comments
Dear Amma,

I am sorry. This is an apologetic post for being that daughter who probably fulfilled all the dreams in your eyes when it came to the outside world but missed it totally when it came to household work. All those days when I should have helped you but instead lay on the bed like a sloth and read Harry Potter books over and over again, all those days when I knew the efforts it took you to give everything to me on a platter but still thought I can relax only when I come home, all those days when I saw you working non-stop from 5 in the morning to 11 in the night but still thought "It's amma. She is used to it and she is built that way". I am sorry for all those days.

I know you don't mind it even now, because you are indeed built that way. You are okay as long as I am. Never once have I heard you complain that I am not helping you at home. When all the members of the family complained one or the other time, you were the one who supported me saying "Let her rest. She has come home for only 2 days". You like work and hate sitting idle. If someone makes you sit idle, you'd doze off. Even if you're in a public place. That shows how much you work and how less you sleep. I get how that feels now because let alone sitting, if you ask me to just stand for a couple of minutes, I will doze off. The physical work and reduced sleep does that to you and I am not  doing even 1/10th of your day's work.

Today as I try to complete the household chores, I try to be you and I realize how difficult it is. It always seemed so easy to be you - a home maker with the entire 24 hrs of the day at hand. But yours is the toughest job on earth. I can vouch for that anywhere and anytime. When I was young, I remember asking you why your hands are so rough and you used to smile and then say, "With age, it becomes like that" or some answer of the sort. Now I know- Yours became rough so that mine could stay soft. Now I know the reason of everything you do. It's always the family. When you used to teasingly tell me that I will understand the intricacies when I am a woman running a family, I shrugged it off. Every single thing you said, seriously or teasingly, is true.

I call you a hundred times today. Asking myriad doubts of all kinds. You have all the answers, the work-around, solutions for my mess ups ready. Now I think back of what more I should have done at home. I sincerely do hope that my future daughter listens to me earlier than I did to you. I hope that she realizes things at a faster pace than I did.

Your lazy daughter who got a tight slap from life
and has been forced to face reality.

July 3, 2014

To Do Or Not To Do

Posted by Deepa at 11:21 AM 12 comments
I'm in such a juncture of my life where on one side I have "happily" married or pretend to be happily married couples..and on the other side I have late 20's and 30 somethings singles..

Well, I have always been a very patient listener to all my buddies...
Reason? simple..i love to listen to the saga's other people's life..Basically I love gossip.

I  am perfectly happy with my "i-dunno-whats-happening" relationship status until my 30 something spinster girl buddy make a "Droopy dog" like face and rants saying
"Dee, I want to get married"
"Dee, I need a companion"
"Dee, its high time you settle down before your biological clock stops ticking"
"Dee, settle down with who ever comes along...your too old to stick to your checklist"

I mean..woahhh..ok..I know you are going nuts and paranoid..but please don't let it get on to others...you make me feel like a lonely old lady with a black cat in a mansion that's always dark and lightening falling only on my mansion...

Why cant you see the happy part of your life?
No responsibilities...No one to answer...Attention from every eligible/not eligible opposites..
Besides marriage is just a legal license for sex...and babies...love comes when you  both are like 40 or 50 only (its a proven fact)..

Then I have my "married" buddies of every stage i.e. newly married, 2 years married, married with toddlers, married and pregnant....you get the picture right..

They drool all over me talking about exotic vacations....the "romp"...the shopping...and also whine about
"i loved my single life"..
"i hate to get up in the morning and cook"
"my kid keeps crying all night"
"sorry i cant come for the night out like before ya...you know my mishtarr doesn't like it" things...

And that.....makes me feel that I am missing out on something...or am i really missing anything at all?

but then for some reason I'm least bothered about both kinds of buddies...wondering why?

Maybe I'm so saturated with both that my head has stopped responding either of them...
Have made peace with myself...whooosssaaaaaa.....

I feel so blessed now..Or maybe I am in a simple denial mode

Dialogs for my kinda state
1. Duniya gai tel lagane..
2. Bhaad mei jaaye...
3. mara jaa...
4. To hell with it..
5. Yeah..ok..well...huh...what?


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