September 25, 2016

The lull.

Posted by Narayani Karthik at 11:00 PM 0 comments
I wish I could ride the stallion called time....
As much as I dream of calling its pulse, mine.....
But, the trickster eludes me in more painful ways than one....
Leaving me tired, dusted and done!

As I battle the lull in my life,
Some warm memories seem to slip away from my sight....
I wish to be inconspicuous now....
To escape this world of judgements and, how!

Want to travel as a stranger somewhere...
Where I have not to think of what the world cares.....
Well,wishful thinking is so full of greed.....
But then, that is precisely what my parched soul needs.....!! 

September 21, 2016

My Special Someone

Posted by Deepa at 12:10 PM 3 comments
You are my inspiration

Having you in my life
Has revived my sleeping devotion
You are indeed a special someone

Loving you gives me hope
You have freed from all the pain I coped
All those times I gave up
You came and I stood up

Never will I forget
Every time I’m sad, 
you cheer me up
and for that I’m glad

Whenever I’m lonely
You were there for me
keeping my heart alive
with your every smile

I dedicate this poem to you
to show how much you mean to me

I love you

My special someone


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