March 26, 2017


Posted by Smita at 10:57 AM 6 comments
Once in a while
Everybody needs praise

Praise in the form of words
Praise in the form of care

It need not be precious gift of words
Just a simple nice word will do
It need not be an expensive gift
Just some time to spare will do
It need not be extravagant act
Just a tight hug will do

As once in a while
everybody needs praise !

March 17, 2017

When Happy Memories sting.....

Posted by Narayani Karthik at 2:14 PM 4 comments

With hands held and love shared,
Many places traveled far and wide....
Memories made with kisses and walks,
It seemed the time was with their stride.....

Does time care about one’s pace?
The question always haunted me in the past
Did it care about the memories made?
I guess, it did not.

Good times make good memories
Giving one so much to fall back on....
The same good memories become stingers of pain
As soon as the dark clouds loom large with the Sun now gone....

Happy memories are now stingers
Leaving no place to hide
The good times are dead ringers
That challenge you now to surf past the tide!

March 15, 2017

“What brings us together is what pulls us apart” – Grief, thou hurt.

Posted by Narayani Karthik at 12:32 PM 4 comments

Grief is a burning flame
It numbs your mind and scars your soul
When it swings its blade of misery
It chases you like a nasty ghoul

And then, somewhere down the road
You meet a tall white wall
That holds the weight of resistance
Which you try to climb but, receive a tumbling fall!

The thud gives you the moment of truth
The one that you needed but did not want
That it was time to turn back and fight the grief
And finish its agenda of haunts and taunts!

So you turn, with your back pressed against the wall
And, take a deep breath as you stare deep into the eyes of Grief
While it continues to taunt your climbs and falls
You look down at your crusty feet and bruised knees....

With nowhere to go, you close your eyes...
And slowly, the wicked laughter fades away like a withered flower
You realize your anger as it rises from the ashes....
As to do or die becomes your weapon of power...

Epiphany of a moment it is,
When you startle grief’s verve with your healing scars! 
And then, you take the first leap over it like a feisty fawn
Because, the journey is not yet over and, the destination is yet so far!


Posted by Smita at 1:17 AM 4 comments

The anger
The pain
When you don't let it out
It starts eating up the soul from inside

You let your anger out
You are termed insane
Seen as someone mad who just doesn't know how to take things
Somebody who's insensitive enough to show their sensitive side in public

You gulp ďown your anger
You spend days misguided, starving evenings and nights crying 
Smile gets away from your dictionary and it seems like happiness never existed

What demon you choose
Decides the course of what demon you shall become

March 14, 2017

Blow of the void

Posted by Narayani Karthik at 12:10 PM 3 comments
Love is the elixir of life
So says the Lord
When souls come down on Earth
They meet in the name of God

When they come together in body and soul,
Destiny plays love, passion and togetherness in its fiddle
While the dice of life plays music to the ears
As long as the puppeteer wishes to keep some notes hidden

Life is perfect, yes it is....
As long as long as the roads are wide and straight
And then, come the deafening cliffs that spurt from nowhere
While the game of destiny begins to unravel its traits.....

The void arrives like the sword of death...
With its jagged edge cutting deep into the soul
The jolt is so sudden and fierce....
While the blow continues to rip away not a part but a whole

Unpredictable I am, so says the life
I dabble in dark stormy nights and bright sunshine days
With eccentric and complex forms that I take, I have no warnings to give
Because, I am designed to play my pawns in His mysterious ways.....



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