April 30, 2012

birthday birthday BIRTHDAYYYYY !!!

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Hello Darlings,

I know I have been MIA for way too long. A tiny or a beeeeeeg SORRY wouldn't suffice. I know. I will try my best to be active here as much as I can.
Well today I finally decided to let the lethargy bug a hood wink and i thought enough is enough..
Just Shut-up and WRITE !!
And well what better reason to begin to write than A Birthday Wish..!!!!

Well before you start cursing me for going round and round like a bleddyyy mixer..
I announce with all the pomp and splendour and all things bright and beautiful and mystical...
It's Mystical Skeptical Me 's Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!
To the blog world she is known as MSM..to all her friends as Pradeeta..and to me as my Mishti.
She is my soul sister, my soul mate, my best friend, my mother, my daughter everything rolled into one.
Exactly 24 years ago, Goddess created a beautiful,mystical,charming,intelligent and witty baby girl.
And today after all these years, she has transformed into this amazing woman who is not only an embodiment of all the qualities I just mentioned, but also someone who is filled with an enormous capacity to shower her love,warmth and an incredible sense of calm on all her near and dear ones.

Call me a little selfish, but then yes, to her i know i will always remain extra special cos of the beautiful bond we share.

So my dear lil witch,On behalf of all the Darlings, here's wishing you  a wonderful wonderful Happy Birthday.
May your life be filled with all the happiness and love and joy you deserve.
May all your dreams come true.

Here's raising a toast to my fellow would be wiccan,

To the gushing yet calming Air,
To the flowing yet still Water,
To the moving yet stable Earth,
To the raging yet mellow Fire,
To my Spirit which I find in Thee,
I gently command the pentacle elements
Take across my choicest wishes,
And bless my darling princess,
So I Mote It Be,
Blessed Be.

Have a blast..!!!!
and yes I will keep my promise.
The day we meet, we shall celebrate your birthday..AGAIN!!!
I love you my baby girl..!!!!

To Happy Birthdays..!!
Cheers Darlings

April 26, 2012

Mistress of the Universe?

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Blessed Be My Darlings! 

Remember Me? Not wondering where I've been? I have no idea where I am and what I am doing. I am not even lazing around, but I not even climbing mountains or parting rivers. My vanity has been now addressed publicly as an issue of grave human behavioral threat and I am trying my best to get over myself. Not getting what I am sayin'?

Adj. 1. self-conceited - characteristic of false pride; having an exaggerated sense of self-importance; (From http://www.thefreedictionary.com )

a.1. Having an overweening opinion of one's own powers, attainments; vain; conceited. (Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary)

Exactly my point. I have a disease now, that this word suggests. I am vain and I give myself wayyyyy too much importance, than is necessary. So, help me please. I am not afraid to go to the root of this issue, and if I can get some suggestions here, I am more than happy to oblige.

Image Source: cartoonstock.com
1. I am big - in size. So are many people. But God has gifted me with a pretty face. I hide my loathing for my own body by enhancing what I have. My face. I know, I look good. If I talk about how my new hair cut suits me, does that make me, vain?
2. I am the oldest child, like many others here - I've always tried to learn quickly, be the responsible one...unconsciously may be, I don't know. Therefore, there are some things, I do better than the others I stay with, who are younger than I am. If I need a bit of appreciation, is that wrong?
3. I was ignored and intimidated as a kid. Not intentionally of course. I was bullied in school when I was younger, rather I was a timid child. I had no friends. Now that I do, I tend to talk about myself, so that the attention doesn't disappear. Do I have an ADD*?
4. I am ready to change. So when you are talking and I am not listening, you can ask me, with love of course, to stop. Tell me, that I am doing that thing again. Believe me, I will stop. Make me feel like you are there for me, even when I am not talking, show me that you are interested in me and not what I've achieved. Be patient with me. If you are my friend, you will understand.
5. I crave for attention. I never got it before. I never had balls to go out there and stand up for myself. I have always been too self - conscious. I talk about myself and I talk a lot, just to make myself feel better. It's that simple. Be patient with me. I am learning to love myself and not depend on you.
6.What or who you were as a child, doesn't define you anymore. Something I am learning. Just be with me. Help me believe in myself. And tomorrow, you may feel proud of me, that you made me become a better person.
7. Don't get mad at me if I don't listen to you. Realize, I am dealing with an issue - about myself. Once again, I may happen to not listen to you. Ask me to stop, patiently or ask me to listen to you. I will make an effort, I promise.
Image Source: cartoonstock,com
I am writing this, because off late, a lot of people have told me that I only talk about myself and what is happening in my life. I also sometimes, interrupt ongoing conversations to make my point. Since the time I've been told this, I find myself doing it more. Or may be, I am just becoming conscious of the fact that I am indeed doing it. I have been feeling quite awful and feel confused about how I must talk without sounding like I am vain. Help?

April 25, 2012

The Curse of Venus

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So here I am sweetly working and minding my own boring business when the client walks by and says, “You’re looking good today.”

I’m not sure how to react. So I don’t.

Instead I bury it somewhere at the back of my head, and hope that it was a figment of my imagination. Until the next day.

“Off the record, you’re distracting people on my floor, they’re asking me to make your project last longer.”

I maintain a straight face. I study his face. No perverse leer. Not even a playful expression. Just a smile. The kind which seems harmless enough, but instinct tells you that you should want to box his teeth out. But instead, I continue to discuss the documents in front of me with him.

This isn’t just me. Nor is it an isolated instance. Nor am I sitting in the middle of a street in some company which has no women. Quite the contrary. This company has a lot of women. And a lot of HOT women. Like that should make a difference.

So I ask around, I ask other women I know on how they react to such comments, and believe me, EVERYONE has faced them at some point of time. When I worked in a production house, I heard crap about “Don’t you want to become an actress?” from the studio manager. When I joined my next job, I was informed about colleagues crowding over a laptop drooling over a pic of a tattoo I had up on Facebook. When I go to a client location, I hear other stupid shit.

So I asked around. I asked men and women I knew about how they would react to such awkward situations. Was I being too polite in just ignoring the comments? Was I encouraging them? Or was it worth it to make my job a living hell by objecting every time a guy said something inappropriate?

The responses were, well, interesting to say the least.

“This is what sexual harassment policies are for.”
“You pretty girls na, you have a problem with everything.”
“It’s your fault, you were nice to them. Hence they think you’re a pretty little dumb thing and treat you like one.”
 “Err….don’t wear all these fancy dresses and pants to office?”
“Stop over-reacting to everything. It’s harmless.”

Right. See, the point is, I’m not saying that all the men at work are out to rape me. But in the day and age where even the slightest sexual innuendo in some joke that a guy sends you on your BBM can be considered as grounds for suing for harassment, where exactly do we draw the line for inappropriate behavior?!

And just by the way, thanks for letting me know that since I take care to look decent at work, and actually talk to colleagues in a workplace dominated by the not-so-fair sex, and prefer being professional, it clearly is my fault. It brings back nice memories of Delhi police and the idiotic lot who nicely say that women and their ‘loose’ behavior is what attracts rapists and molesters in the NCR, and clearly the solution is for us to be clad in burqas and not be allowed out of our homes once the sun sets.

I’m from Delhi, and I’ve grown up believing that as long as you’re a human form who appears to be female (read: have boobs), it’s apparently every man’s birth right to stare at you and share his amazingly witty comments with you. But I was kind of hoping when I switch cities, when I switch local Blue line buses for a formal office setting of the highest order, when I switch the creeps on the street for highly educated men in suits, some things would have changed.

Sorry, I guess that was just my mistake.

P.S. This is my first post for Darlings of Venus, and believe me I hadn’t meant it to be this one. I am just SO PISSED OFF!!!

April 21, 2012

Her eyes....

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Her eyes danced naughtily,
as she laughed hard,
She teased him with her eyes,
draped in a six yard.

He tried hard to maintain his poker face,
ignoring his urge to smile,
He loved the sight of her laughing,
while she played it soft with her eyes.

His straight face made her nervous,
and she bit her lips apologetically,
His eyes seeked permission,
while her eyes danced erotically.

He held her by the waist,
and pulled her close to himself,
Her laughter dried like the morning dew,
and her breathe caught herself.

Her eyes were transfixed to his.
while his fingers traced her back,
She twitched left and right pleasurably,
as they changed their mood track.

Lips parted, eyes still on each other,
she blossomed in his arms,
Her eyes displayed victory,
while her body turned slave to his charm.

April 15, 2012

The Night After It...

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Hello, Women and the Men reading this!

This happens to be my first DoV post, so please do not abandon my post if I disappoint you!

And she mounted her vintage Impala SS Convertible, which predominantly had been her father's. It was one of the posh cars that adorned her garage. People thought it was quite incongruous for a girl to behold an obsession for speedy wagons. Her mother never liked it a bit. She understood why. It was something her Dadda had bequeathed, or rather instilled in her. She always amused Dadda by her inquisitive nature about the vehicle. he had taught her to clean it, mend it, drive it. He had told her that they were not mere cars but a beauty. She had recently replaced it's brake engine, stock up it's oil tank and bathed it like it was her own baby. Each time she convened in this car, she had to live through her worst nightmare.

It was the conventional monsoon night of July. She never could have fathomed the news like it had hit her. The call from the local police station had shook her soul and slapped her awake that life just wasn't about enjoying the world's vista from the comfortable seat of her Dadda's robust bears. The police had testified that his car cascaded over the bridge in haste while he tried saving the little boy from a hideous blow by his car. 
She'd stopped believing in God and his miracles the moment she witnessed Dadda's lifeless cadaver in the morgue. She had gone all by herself, knowing her mother won't be able to endure the very sight of her husband's corpse. She'd been just seventeen, for the love of God! It was strenuous for her to concede to the truth that there'll be no more Dadda to tuck her into the blanket each night, like she'd never grown up. Not that she ever objected to it! 
She decided to walk through the frosty plethora back home, thinking the cold water would calm her screeching soul which was demanding Him to give her back her Dadda. Life was going to be chewy, very chewy. She couldn't figure which way to break the news to Mum. What would she say? That Dadda's no more? That they'll have no more vacations? That she'll have to be the only one to attend all the result days and the Parents' Day of the remaining two years of her school life? That she'll not have the piquant frame of him to behold her when she'll be wanting it the most? That she'll have to live in the most improbable phase to come? Handling her mother had been tough. But yet, she handled herself commendably. Mum knew her daughter would need her the most at this point of time in her life. She too never let Mum down for even the minutest of the seconds in the coming years. She was the new life partner Mum never thought she'd find. They'd gone shopping, watched films, taken cooking classes, had their own parties, drunk on the night of her convocation. She'd drawn her mother out of the obscure pit in a way!

The sudden rain brought her back to the present. It had drizzled in an identical fashion the other night. She unknowingly eyed the dashboard. She'd never opened it, lest her Dadda's essence escape the little area she'd preserved till date. She couldn't define the force which compelled her to open it after all these years. She found the tiny box she had hidden there for her Dadda on his birthday, when she was merely 14 years of age. It had a flower crafted out of origami sheet and a note conveying, "I love you, Dadda. You're the best Dadda ever." She felt the imprint of a writing on the reverse of the note. She turned it, and her breath caught in her throat. "Dadda loves you too, Honeybunch. You too are the best daughter ever." 
She felt the moisture on her cheeks, and then the note. After years, she felt the serenity of their love again. She re-filled the contents of the box, restored it into the dashboard and piloted her way to her office. 

That's all for now fellas. You can check me on The Silence Of My Voice.
Tener cuidado! =)

April 10, 2012


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Randomly She Bites Her Lip, Hiding The Picture In Her Mind.
Randomly She Smiles, She Remembers Every Word He Said That Night.
Randomly She Stares At The Sky, She's Looking For The Star That They Shared That Night.
Randomly She Shivers, She Gets A Thought Of The Days That They Used To Fight.
Randomly She Cuddled To Her Pillow, She Misses His Feel She Knew It Was Just Right..
Randomly She Calls, She's Wanting To Hear Words Which They Shared All Night..
Randomly She Says Booo, She Wants Him To Get Surprised.
Randomly She Texts, Hoping He Would Respond The Same Way He Did Before,
Randomly She Cried, When He Didnt Care,
Randomly She Swore, When He Was Rude And Mean,
Randomly She Missed Him, Looking At Other Pairs,
Randomly She Loved Him, All The More Ever,
Randomly She Hated Him, For Leaving Her Alone,
Randomly She Waited, For Him To Call Back...
Randomly She Sat, Looking At Her Phone, Hoping A text Will Arrive, Stating, I Miss You Too, Please Come Back!

April 7, 2012

Story to Tell !

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Who was your hero when you were 5? Who was the first man you have known to ‘be a man’? Who was your inspiration when you were young? For most girls, the answer is ‘Father’.
Was it the same for me? Absolutely, yes!! Every girl loves her father. At some point of time in her growing years, she wanted her to be partner to be like him. She sees so many good things in him. She is the apple of his eyes and he is her only Hero. Was it the same for me? Answer is still a big ‘Yes’.
But from then on to her early teens now. She now understands the cruelty of the world. She now sees thing which makes her realize the world is not that beautiful s it seem to be. She realizes her ‘Hero’ has some flaws. Some good some bad childhood memories are stuck in her mind. She was sleeping. Suddenly, she woke up with the sound of glass breaking. She woke up with a shock. What she sees after waking up is more shocking to what she heard. Her mother is crying. Its quite understandable from the look of his father ace that he hit her and threw something at her which made the wall clock coming down and breaking it. She was scared to open up her eyes. She closed her eyes and pretended to be still asleep. She didn’t want to see what was happening. She wanted to pretend like it never happened. She was so young to understand that merely closing the eyes won’t remove the memory from her heart and mind.
Its dinner time. Mom is serving dinner and Dad is eating in a plate. Dad is unhappy about something. He tells something to Mom who is in the kitchen. Mom is also upset and answers angrily from the kitchen. Dad didn’t like whatever she said and threw the plate against the wall in the hallway. All the curry in the plate is on the floor now. The sound of the plate banging on the wall still rings in her ears sometimes. Dad didn’t say a word, he got up and went to his room. She was left with a crying mom who was cleaning the floor and crying.
It’s a lazy Sunday morning. She is supposed to study for her pre boards exam of class 10th. Yes, she is growing up and becoming mature. Suddenly, she hears some loud voices from Mom and Dad’s room. She gets up from the bed and goes to the hall connecting her parents room to her room. She sees Mom going out of the home saying loudly that she won’t come back to home. Her Mom is saying “I don’t want to live with you. You go and live with that other woman”. She is frozen to the core. She cannot believe what she has just heard from her own Mom. Mom is saying all kinds of things. She is saying “I wont come back. I’ll do something to me, something you will repent all your life”. Mom opens the main door and goes out. She gets scared to her soul. She doesn’t want her Mom to do anything wrong in anger. She follows her Mom. Mom starts walking on the road. She is still in her night dress. She doesn’t have the courage to go up-to her mom and tell her that Mom its okay, I am with you. She is still in shock. But for now she just wants to make sure that her Mom doesn’t do anything stupid. She only want her Mom well being. She follows Mom. Mom needed some time to cool off and after about an hour, Mom enters a family friend’s house. She follows her there. Mom was surprised to see her there but Mom was so devastated at that point that Mom just cries sitting on the couch of uncle’s house. First time she was seeing her Mom so weak. Mom told the whole story to her uncle. How Dad is cheating on Mom. How Mom has been keeping up with him only for the sake of her and her siblings. How Mom has been hiding all this from her. How she was getting hurt all along but still was keeping mum so that children can have a happy family. How Mom had caught Dad red handed. How Dad has promised Mom to end his extra marital affair and begged for Mom’s forgiveness. How Mom has given him a second chance which Mom found out only today was a big fat lie. All this was a shock to her. She was only 15. She didn’t know what to do in the situation. She didn’t know how her Dad can cause so much hurt to her own mom. She couldn’t help feeling guilty that her mom was bearing all this just because of her and her siblings. She knew she cannot cry in front of her Mom. She knew that she had to give strength to her mom. She knew she had to be the emotional strength of her Mom but other than that she was clueless. She didn’t have the courage to go up-to his dad and ask him why has he done all this. She didn’t have the guts to tell her mom to move out of the house as she knew Dad is the sole bread owner of the family. She hated her helplessness at the moment. She decided that she has to finish her studies as soon as possible and be financially independent so that she could tell her Mom to leave Dad and live separately if she wants. She wanted to start earning so that she could ask her Mom to leave the home and stay with her.
It was Holi day. Dad and Mom were out playing holi in the neighborhood. She was alone in the house. Memories of the dreadful day flashed her mind. She decided to go through Dad’s phone. She opened the images folder and saw few pictures of her Dad with the other woman. She decided to make a copy of the pictures. She was angry and hurt. She still didn’t have the courage to confront her father. Since childhood he had been an inspiration for her. In a moment all of it was vanished. Only thing left was anger. She wanted to show the pics to father and confront him but somehow decided otherwise to keep the harmony in the family.
Its a Saturday. Dad is getting ready to go to Work. Phone rang, mom picked up, no reply. Again it rang, she picked and nobody spoke. It happened about 4-5 times. Mom disconnected the cord. From the look of Mom’s face, she understood who it was. Dad was showing no reaction. There was not a single sign of anxiety/shame/stress on Dad’s face. Dad was either too shameful or too shameless… She couldn’t take it anymore. Drops of tears rolled down her cheeks. Dad came to her and asked what had happened, why was she crying? She didn’t answer. Somehow she could tell her Father how hurt she was because of all this. Dad asked again. He sensed that she is upset because of the phone calls. He made an affectionate face and told her that he has nothing to do with the phone calls. This statement just pushed her off the limits. She could not stand her own Dad doing something wrong and then telling lies on her face. She got up from bed, opened her cupboard and brought the copy of pic she made from Dad’s phone. She showed him the pics. Dad was frozen. He was blank. He was numb. He saw the pics, then saw her daughter, got up and went straight out of the home. She was still feeling miserable.
She was out with friends. She returned home just now. She entered and heard Mom and Dad shouting. She saw her sister standing in front of Mom guarding her from Dad. Dad was about to hit Mom. She didn’t say a word. She moved mom to the other room. Mom didn’t say a single word. For the first time, Mom saw her daughters taking her side in front of Dad. She was feeling as if thousands bomb have exploded in her heart. For a moment Dad was shocked too. But soon enough he gained his senses and asked her to not to interfere in their matter. He told her whatever he has done to her Mom is between them and she doesn’t have any right to speak in between them. She was very angry on this remark. She wanted to just run away from the home. She wanted to never see THIS Man’s face. But, she was now mature enough that she knew she needs to become something to do that. She knew she cannot run away from home as she has no other place to go. She knew why her mom was suffering yet keeping her shut up on this issue. She understood she needs to become financially independent in order to take care of her Mom. She knew she is helpless. Her helplessness made her more miserable.
Today, she is financially independent. She doesn’t take anything from her Dad. She earns her own livelihood. But situations have changed, Mom has forgiven her Dad and moved on with the life, or may be Mom is doing this for the sake of her younger brother so that he may have a family and not two separated parents…. For now Mom looks happy living in the same house.. She just wish that someday she may talk to her Mom about all this and ask her why she suffered so much for her sake, why she still is with Dad?? May be Mom has forgiven her Dad, but she can never forgive him the pain it has caused to her in that young age, she hates her Dad for not being a good husband. She likes her Dad as a businessman, as a father, as a son, as a smart, hardworking guy, but she can never like as a person. She knows that she is good in so many cases but in some he failed terribly and it still hurts whenever she thinks of all those things.. She still has so many questions for her father to answer. She is still waiting for an apology from her Father for all the hurt……

April 5, 2012

Chance Meetings (:

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Leaving all the unhappiness behind she was going to New York , to get some perception . To fall in love the Carrie Bradshaw way , to find a way back to her happier bubbly self again.She was early for her flight like always , always so organised , always so in control. She was never late for anything

* Flight no 8547 to New York leaving at 14:00 hours has been delayed by 2 hours , the inconvenience caused is regretted*

As the announcement echoed around the airport , Sia let out a deep sigh and cursed her OCD for bringing her so early to the airport. She had 3 hours to kill now before the check-in would start. She called her mother to let her know of the delay .
" Amma the flight is going to be late"
" I don't know why Amma . "
" How can I come back home , what do you mean why do I want to go anyway "
" Seri seri , Bye Amma. I'll miss you too "
Sia looked around for a book shop to engage her time , what she spotted instead was a cafe, she decided to settle herself there and exploit the free wifi while she waited. Just as she was about to sip her coffee and open Cosmo Online on her laptop, a lady came upto her and asked if she could sit with her , as there was no place in the cafe. Sia gave her a warm smile and asked her to join her. Sia never let go the chance for a conversation.
" So you're going to New York too . ? " Sia enquired.
" No , London. My flight is in an hour , these delays . " the lady said with an annoyed expression.
" Oh great. I'm Sia and you ? "
" Krishna Pai . " the lady replied a little troubled with Sia's questions.
Sia went back to her reading and suddenly she had tears rolling down her eyes. Krishna was taken aback when she saw Sia crying . " What's wrong ? " Krishna asked more out of politeness than interest.
" Well I just read a story online and it made me miss my ex -boyfriend. We broke up last month. " Sia said still sobbing.
" Oh " Krishna said with complete lack of interest now.
" How are you so insensitive , the least you can say is , it'll be okay . " Sia said a little hurt.
" No , it won't be okay because you have chosen to cry over it and not move on. You hurt yourself , no one else is or can be the reason for your pain."
" Err " Sia had now stopped crying and was amazed at how rude strangers can be.
" I'm sorry , see I have seen a lot of  pain in my life so when I see teenagers crying over silly breakups and unimportant fights it angers me. " Krishna said a little calmly now.
" Like what ? " the ever curious Sia pestered.
" My 2 year old son has EB . It is a skin disease which occurs in 50 out of one million  , even less most of the time. My child cannot go out and play like normal kids. He cannot hug or cuddle with me without feeling immense pain , he cannot enjoy a shower without crying his eyes out. But yet he smiles when I call out to him , he laughs when we fool around in front of him and he tries to accept his pain everyday. He is my hero , he smiles though all he feels is immense pain. There is no cure for this disease , but I'm hoping there will be one, pretty soon. My husband left me because he couldn't handle all my attention being devoted to our child and he couldn't afford all the hospital bills. He didn't want to be responsible for something his sperm created. So here I am , I have quit my job and now am putting all my time into getting my baby out of his misery "
" I'm so sorry ." Sia said
" Why are you being sorry ? Don't sympathize with me , I wouldn't want to have it any other way. I love my baby and he is the best child any mother could have asked for . No matter what and he's an angel. " said Krishna with a motherly smile.
" I'm sure he is , so is he in London ? " Sia asked not knowing what to say next. When in doubt , ask questions was her motto.
" No , he's here in India with my mother for some days . I'm going to meet a few doctors about his case, maybe his condition can be controlled." Krishna explained.
" Oh , I hope it works well for you'll , God bless him . " said Sia with a wry smile.

* Passengers of Flight no 96541 leaving for London at 15:00 hours are requested to enter the boarding area. Thank you*

" Ok thats me , bye dear. Take care. " Krishna said as she put on her coat and and flung her handbag on her shoulder.
" You too ." is all Sia could say.
    Just as Sia was pondering on everything Krishna had said she noticed something on the floor that had probably fallen from Krishna's bag. It was a visiting card :

Krishna Pai
B.A LLB , PHD in Human Psychology

Contact no : 32313456

Sia kept the card in her bag and for a moment smiled , maybe she would meet Krishna again someday.

PS: Hello Darlings :D This is my first post on Darlings of Venus :) Very happy to be here , I hope you'll like it =)


April 4, 2012

Keira : The not-so-perfect girl (Final Part)

Posted by Keirthana at 7:02 PM 1 comments

Read Part 1 and Part 2
The lady finished talking and looked at Keira who sat there shell-shocked that she could not even bat her eyelids. Too shocked to react to anything. How is this possible? Same story? How did the lady knew that she had the exact story as hers? Is this lady crazy? Should she believe in the story? Something inside her said that she wanted to get out of the creepy place. She pushed the feeling away and asked the other Keira if she could see the mirror. That is the only way of finding out if the lady was insane or if this whole freaky incident is really happening to her. The other Keira went inside the cottage and re-appeared with what looked like a broken mirror which was missing a half. Keira took it with trembling hands and looked into it. And her eyes grew wider with every passing second.
Through the mirror, she could see her dad feeling proud of her with each and every step she took in life. She could see her mom swell with pride as she saw her daughter grow up into the bold woman just as she dreamed. She saw her boyfriend look at her as if he had never seen a woman as beautiful as her in the whole world. And she saw her life through the eyes of everyone else who had lived with her and everyone's view was much different from her own. And better.
Keira's heart beat faster than it ever did. This means that the crazy Keira lady was right. But she has to go back. She cannot just give up and stay on just like the other Keira. She ran to the cottage and picked up her backpack and starting walking in the opposite direction from where she came to the cottage. The old Keira yelled out, "Hey you! You are not going to make it. " Keira did not bother. She would not just give up. Definitely after what she has just realized. She walked on and on and on until she felt so tired that she could not take another step. Just as she was about to pass out, she noticed that she was on the green lanes along the main road from where she started. She felt that, that was the happiest moment of her life. She saw a bus approaching and she waved her scarf to halt it.
Once she boarded the bus,it struck her. The other Keira. She said no matter how hard she searched for a way back, she was not able to find it. But the way back was not all that complicated. It was just long. Did the other Keira give up that soon? Some piece of the puzzle was missing. As she fidgeted around, not knowing what to do, she felt something sharp in her jacket pocket. It was the broken mirror. In an impulse,she took it and looked into it. She saw the cottage, the other Keira. She yelled out, "Hey! I made it back. I am going home. How could you not find the way back home?Don't worry! I will ask the driver to turn back the bus and I will come and get you." And she went to the driver and frantically yelled her lungs out to stop the bus and turn it back. An obviously irritated driver asked her the reason and she told all about her and the other Keira as fast as she could and about the mirror. The driver eyed her suspiciously and told her that if she didn't shut up and go back to her seat, he would have to leave her there and drive ahead. Keira got mad at the driver's ignorance and waved the mirror at his face and asked him to see for himself. The driver took a look at the mirror and said, "Ha! I need a hair-cut." Keira was shocked and looked into the mirror herself and saw a disappearing outline of the cottage and the other Keira. Just as she slipped out of the frame, the other Keira said "No need to come back for me. I knew you would find your way back. You have already collected me and yourself and we both are going back to live the awesome life that is waiting for you." And with that, the fading became complete and she could see her reflection looking back at her. And then she knew. In an instant, the mist lifted.  She did not know how all this happened and she could find no logical explanation for the bizarre chain of events that have happened. Had she just been to the future and back? Will anyone believe this? Could this actually happen? She pushed all those questions away. But she did not want to go back asking questions. She had a lot more to do now. She has to live. Her life was waiting for her.
There are no second chances in life. Take up the first chance and live it, good or bad that it turns out to be, it is better to have lived it and tell that you did it that way rather than trying to be the best/perfect one who did not try it just because you know that you are not going to be perfect at it.
Until later,

April 2, 2012

Happy birthday to the chocolaty girl!

Posted by maithili at 6:44 PM 5 comments
Yes we are a little late in the day, apologies for that.
Its the happy buhday of our much loved Chocolate obsessed  Priyanka aka PeeVee..
She is one writer who we are dying to read more from. Her impeccable story lines, her cute random posts and her abstract thoughts is a treat for the readers.
Life might be happening and keeping you busy but PeeVee you are loved and waited for. Your birthday is just the perfect day to tell you that we love you :)

Here's your birthday cake..

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear PeeVee,
Happy birthday to you..

We hope all your wishes come true and we see  you soon back with us :)
Have a great year sweetheart..

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