January 23, 2016

Every day is not the same.....

Posted by Narayani Karthik at 7:51 PM 0 comments
Every day is not the same
Some moments are good, Some are lame.
Some unnerve you, Some put you in a spin
As you wriggle your way out from the unscrupulous din!

Every day is not the same
As each day is different, so is the game
Some bridges are made, Some are burned!
But then, that is the way the world is run!

Every day is not the same
The good and bad are all a part of the fame
And yet, it all begins with the thirst to reach the stars
Only to get entangled in the misery of mindless wars!

Every day is not the same
Some are nameless, Some have a name!
There is joy, there is pain and, the yin and the yang,
Such is the mediocre story of the everyday man!

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