January 2, 2017

The Good Girl

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She had been typical so far. Pretty regular, pretty average. Obedient, dutiful and all those banal things that you were either told or expected of. She had always been a traditional girl. The “Yes” girl. The good girl. She had felt the necessary amount of guilt all “good” people did. She apologized reflexively like all “good “people did. She contained herself in most areas like all “good” people did. Her expression had always been in “apt” areas like her academics, her work, and her personal life. She had answered to those she was “answerable” to in all those areas, again like she was expected to. She had followed rules. Her starring role in her life had been to be obvious and everything expected. But she had never lived.
Hence, she thought, biting down her lip as she contemplated sending the email she had just typed out…a furtive smile later the email was sent, well on its way, the third one today. The recipients were different, the message however was the same. The fourth email, still lay drafted, waiting for its conclusion. 
She felt an arm snake up beside her and chuckled, sliding in herself. Cuddles were always welcome, even necessary. “Okay” She whispered to him. He turned sleepy eyes towards her, half smiling “Are you positive?” “As never before…..”
Meanwhile, three inboxes across the globe held unread emails, each rendering a shock value of its own. One was addressed to the law firm she worked at, a brief resignation letter, one informing a partner that the wedding ceremony was off, and one to the parents, informing them of the other two decisions as well as the new fundamental one of moving in with someone until she decided she wanted to take the next step.
The fourth decision was the first one she never explained to anyone. It was what she would invest her savings in. It was the story that was most important to her, that she would never be able to take any slander of. She would choose to have a child. With or without anyone by her side. That was the pending email. That was her beginning.

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