December 31, 2011

Interview with the Birthday Girl- Dragon aka Priyanka

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She wanted her interview to be up on her birthday month.. We know her as the Dragon or Pinx.. Known as the bindaas Dragon or skinny Dragon and also DIGS, she came on to give the longest interview on Darlings of Venus and show us the multi dimensions of her personality..  Read on to know more about her..

Maithili: hey priyanka, welcome to the interview!
 Priyanka: ok so is this officially starting
 Maithili: yes this is the official starting!
 Priyanka: word of advice, please do spell check before this goes up I'm horrible with spellings on chats
 Maithili: I always do :)
 Priyanka: ok now please do bear in mind
that this poor soul has lost her phone and is feeling all lonely
  and sad so no tricky questions
 Maithili: That is entirely up to me madame :)
 Priyanka: damn it I thought I could use that card one last time before this year ends

 Maithili Hehe now you can't now :)  So let's start with your blog name.. Coloring life purple all the way.. So what all have you colored purple?
Priyanka: ok...well I have coloured my walls purple, my name tag at my office desk, my I phone's case, my wallet, a huge chunk of my wardrobe and accessories collection and my blog in various shades of it and I hear that I’m also shading some other blogs purple of late ;)
anything that I see purple you can place a bet I'll have it, from bathroom chappals to a purple Civic
  anything and everything
 Maithili So tell me in one word the connection between you and purple.. What's that you identify with the color?
Priyanka: royalty
 Maithili That was a good answer :)
 Priyanka: thanks m'lord :P

 Maithili Moving on, why are you called Pinx then?
Priyanka: ok I'm called a lot of names but I do hate it when people shorten my name to Pri or Priya...some of my closest friends call me Pinku, my nose goes all pink when I cry or get really angry...well it used to when I used to be on the fairer side when I was younger. Guess that shortened to Pinx somewhere along the line

Maithili Now tell me what is the reason you call yourself dragon in the skin of goat?
 Priyanka: OK. I think lots of people have asked me this and I like the cool name it got me DIGS :P...but I diverge. most of you know that I'm very fiery and some of you do acknowledge the courage and the strength the dragon has always been this inspiring creature to me and added with the air of mysticism there was a very strong appeal for me to chose to be a dragon girl :D on the goat, it's
a) because I m  a capri and super-duper one at it
 b) I can be very very meek and cute like the goats at times
c) When some people see me, they see a petite girl, some think she is vulnerable so needs to be protected, others think she is one teensy little thing who can be stepped over anytime. Both times they awaken the dragon in me and she can be quite intimidating at times

Maithili well that's quite a story behind your name..How did you land into blogosphere?
Priyanka: I loved writing when I was growing up  I would score the highest in class on my essays
  I'd write about anything and everything I used to have this favourite spot on my terrace where I would sit in the evenings and write short stories mostly fiction  but in college I let that take a back seat then work happened and I got really busy making a career out of it I couldn't spend much time for hobbies for sometime and I really wanted to get back to that, couple of my friends who had read my stuff said it would be a good idea to start blogging I started in 2008 but then I got bugged this year has been a year of revelations to me and I thought I might as well start that again...I haven't even gotten to 40 percent of what I used to be like with words before but I hope to get there in 2012. For now the pen and paper seem to be my best buds and Maith fair warning, 4 years of engineering made me extra good with essay type questions so my answers will be extra long
Maithili This turns out to be a short story my dear :) Don't worry I m good at editing by now :)

Maithili so tell me which was the weakest moment of your life..
Priyanka: hmm...I slapped somebody who mattered so much to me over something not-so trivial
  this was about 4 years ago
 Maithili why do u feel you were weak there?
Priyanka: because that's not me, getting physical and letting go of myself like that publicly was humiliating to me and that person
 Maithili Do you forgive people when they regret their mistakes or you hold the grudge for life time?
Priyanka: I don't forgive easily, I might forget after a time but forgiveness is something I keep hidden deep down I do hold a grudge but not for a life time, nobody is worth that much of my time
 Maithili That's the attitude :)
  Tell me what's the quickest way to your heart?
 Priyanka: being sincere and puppy-dog eyes

Maithili That means you value honesty a lot.. What would you do if someone uses lies to get to you, but really does value you in his/her life..
 Priyanka: if somebody does value anybody in life, they will shed the lies sometime we all have lied, for different reasons and under different circumstances.I don't think it's a sin to lie and I don't banish people out of my life for lying but I do value people who can be sincere with and around me. I can't stand fake people

 Maithili what do you feel is better, using bad words to vent out anger or using one's cunningness to get even but keeping a sweet fa├žade and why?
Priyanka: ok I'm a binary person, I don't believe in being half and half. I also don't like grey for this reason cussing is something which relieves my tension at times while at other times smoldering inside and delivering the blow at the right time has its benefits too. I don't think either are better or good. they just are necessary at times for some people who could do with a hi5, in the face, with a chair ;)
 eh did I answer the above question in that answer?
  Maithili:Your answer talks about how you would deal and not how you would want to be treated.
 Priyanka: well I do believe in 'do unto others as you wish others to do unto you'
  now does that answer it?

 Maithili yes! if u had the choice to be reborn as an animal, which animal would u want to b?
Priyanka: if not a dragon, a black jaguar
 Maithili why?
Priyanka: I don't think I need to repeat the dragon sermon again, but I'll explain the Jag.
I loved Bageera when I was a kid but then the black jag appeals to me a LOT!!! It's classy, sleek, elegant (both the car and the animal that is) and I've always wanted to look straight into the eyes of a black panther and stare right back holding my ground
  I do hope I can do that before the world ends!!!
 Maithili wow you have already thought of this answer
 Priyanka: well it is my favorite animal  but no I hadn't thought of at least putting the answer this way
  im-promptu it was

 Maithili what similarities do u share with the other Priyanka aka PeeVee
 Priyanka: ok I have a post on that on my blog. she's soooooooooo good with words. sometimes I wanna cheat and make her wanna write my posts, I used to be that good with words. we both love cliches, chocs, randomness and yes our names we are twins without sharing the DNA but I think we share the passion for a good read and some quality time with friends, family and extended family (read animals)

Maithili: ok here we take a break..
Priyanka : Alright

Maithili  chalo since I hv found u online
  lemme start wid rapid fire first!
 Priyanka: is too late to go invisible?
Maithili yes
 Priyanka: bring it on
 Maithili alright so be quick and answer in one word :)
 Priyanka: I'll try it's pathologically not possible   but I'll try my best
 Maithili good, rest will be edited :D
 Priyanka: why am I not surprised?
Maithili because you know this is an interview and not your biography: D
 Priyanka: but please be aware my keyboard is a little screwed up so some of the keys need a little extra love so do account for that in the answering time
Maithili alright..before my net gives up: P lemme start!
 Priyanka: hey my biography will be in purple

 Maithili ok since u r not listening: P what makes you proud of yourself?
 Priyanka: my confidence

Maithili what feature of yours you would want your future child to have (physical that is)
 Priyanka: my waist line

 Maithili one thing you love about being an adult
 Priyanka: having the money to buy as many candies as I want that was lame but I really don't like being an adult :(

Maithili aww.. what was the most precious thing to you when your were a kid?
Priyanka: my kuala teddy. he was prefect..grey sure but he was perfect

 Maithili what was the best vacation you had till date and with whom?
 Priyanka: my stay in UK this April with my loved one

 Maithili :D
  one aspect of your loved one that you really want to change
Priyanka: stop being so annoyingly practical a girl deserves some romance

 Maithili celebrity you fantasized about as a teenager
Priyanka: my mind is blank at this but it can't be the case. ARjun Ramphal is the best bet
Maithili wow this was completely unexpected: O
 Priyanka: really!!!

 Maithili have u been ditched by a guy?
 Priyanka: very much yes

Maithili something about you that your parents have NO idea of!
 Priyanka: when I actually started dating
Maithili what is the first thing that attracts u to the opposite sex?
 Priyanka: good diction
Maithili person who most influenced the way you are
 Priyanka:'s been me who had taught me

 Maithili do you have any phobias? if yes then what?
 Priyanka: Acrophobia: fear of  height

Maithili what do you enjoy most about being a girl?
Priyanka: the fact that I can have 267 pairs of shoes and still feel I don't have the right pair of silver pumps when I need them.. the list is always endless
 Maithili what do you think is most girly about you?
Priyanka: I love tiny things and I can't but help say 'awww so cute, I wan I wan'..I even have the shoe collection from my barbies preserved because they are so cute and young ones of any species, even if they are lizards (yuck) are so adorable
 Maithili now that’s a very girlie side of the bindaas dragon!
Priyanka: aha aha

Maithili : mumma's girl or daddy's darling?
 Priyanka: neither actually but if I had to pick one I'd say I talk more to my mother  than father
 Maithili :) so that makes you little bit of mumma's girl :)
 Priyanka: maybe but I see her with my sis and I know what mumma's girl actuallly means
  power cut :(
 Maithili oh lord I m so glad we r done with rapid fire :)
  that was a fiery rapid fire :)
Priyanka: achievement! I didn't stumble on any
 Maithili fiery in speed: P and madame your girlie side was quite a revelation!


 Maithili ok.. so now the last ones...
 Priyanka: drum roll
Maithili Tell me the qualities you were looking for in your partner and how much do they match with your special someone
Priyanka: ok he has to be a male version of me, liberal, confident, understanding, intellectual and hard core romantic
my guy.... eh 3 out of the five I’ve said here

Maithili:  This month's discussion was about the art of giving and being your birthday this is the perfect question to ask, "What is the best gift you have received so far(should not be a  person) and what makes it so special ?
Priyanka: I once received a box full of gifts from a friend, it had a lot of things: chocs, stuffed toy, accessories,stationery, cosmetics, a poem, tagged with a label and each said why that gift had been given to me. The gift made me smile and made me cry; made me smile because I actually got something which wasn't straight out of a counter, made me cry that I had somebody in my life who was that thoughtful and wonderful. I've already told about my fixation with tiny things and this box had loads of them. It was so very personal and didn't feel materialistic at all. It to date remains my best gift ever

Maithili:  Have you ever thought of or attempted to kill yourself? 
Priyanka Haven't we all at some point in our lives? With what I have gone through so far, there have been times when I've been so dejected with life that this thought has occurred several times to me. I've always said feeling lonely is worse than being lonely and whenever I feel lonely I do think of that. Sometimes I want to wait for the night to pass and the dawn to arrive sometimes I'm just plain lazy and don't try anything stupid. 

Maithili: When you look back into the years, what is the biggest mistake you have made?
 Priyanka I've trusted some people too fast and I've left those experiences ruin my other relationships. I do have trust issues now, I used to be an easy going extrovert who isn't really an introvert now but is a little wary around people. Everybody judges and I shouldn't have beaten myself about it, but I did and it's caused me a lot of pain and still does. I shouldn't have let my happiness be ruled by others but I did.

Maithili:.If your life so far is documented, what would you like the last lines to be?
Priyanka Life is very simple; we humans tend to complicate it. The greatest mistake you can make in life is to continually fear you will make one. Never regret anything, because at one point you wanted it. Live and let live.
Maithili Being your birthday and also the first day of the year, what do you wish this year to give you?
Priyanka I've been going through a lot lately. 2012 I'm told is the year of the Dragon and I couldn't hope but believe it. It's gonna be a year of changes, big ones at it, but before that even happens, I need to find my inner peace. I wish this year would restore love in my life the way it is meant to be and I finally decide the path I'll choose for my life ahead.

Maithili Is there anything that you would like to tell the darlings at venus? 
 Priyanka Darlings and FL, it's been a great journey in the past 3 months here at D.O.V. I've earned your respect, got your love and shared your minds. I couldn't have asked for more :D. Oh wait I can ask, comment on my posts!!! The last post had only 2 comments, lazy lazy people 

Thanks Maith for this and everything so far at D.O.V. It's a wonderful B'day gift, will show you my appreciation personally when we meet :D :D :D. Thanks to MSM, Keirthana, Ads, V, PV, Red, Chan, Khusboo and Spiff for being such darlings to me, you guys have made me feel so warm and welcomed, I consider myself lucky to have come across you guys and your blogs :D

Thank you Priyanka for this wonderful interview on your birthday..

Now darlings, time to sing the birthday song for our dear dragon / Pinx 

Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear Pinx,
happy birthday to you... 
From old friends and new,
May good luck be with you
and happiness tooo !!

Here's your purple Birthday cake!


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