March 26, 2015

True Love is...

Posted by Deepa at 5:19 PM 11 comments
Doc: "Your BP is high, Cholesterol is high, Are you taking the medicines are prescribed?"
Ram: "Yes, Chitra my wife makes sure that I do" *Looks at his wife Chitra*
Doc to Chitra "Chitraji, the medicines are not really working. You have to take care of his diet too"
Chitra 'I do doctor, but he doesn't it anything, he has just lost his appetite and hates healthy food"

On the dinner table, Ram refuses all the healthy meal that Chitra has made. this goes on for a few days.
Ram: "I hate this saltless, boiled veggies"
Chitra "Well, we need to get that BP in control right"

Secretly, everyday Ram goes out and has samosas, chaats, batata vadas, and Chitra poor thing, makes all the healthy food that Ram keeps rejecting.

Dejected Chitra, walks down to the market and catches Ram red handed with a plate of Onion bhajiyas.
Guilt ridden Ram, doesn't have the guts to go home.
He roams around the streets all day thinking
"Cmon, i cant have that boiled food, I am no patient"
"She dictates too much, i am not going to go home"
"Today is the last day of her commanding me what to eat. Divorce it is"
"I wont go home this time, the divorce papers will"

Its 11.30pm, Ram thinks "Its almost midnight, she must have slept, will go home and check"

He enters the house, switches on the light and sees Chitra sitting on the dinner table.
Guity Ram, looks down, he just cant get enough guts to face Chitra. He knows what Chitra did is for his own good. On the table he sees a letter and a covered plate.

The letter says "If you want to have poison, you should have told me, I would have given it to you instead of hogging out"
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Ram lifts the cover over the plate, it has bhaiyas, jalebis, vadas, pizza. Ram pushes the plate away.

Ram sheepishly looks at Chitra and holds his ears, looking like the Puss in Boots from the movie Shrek. Seeing him, Chitra's heart melts and she smiles and says "Even after 40 years, I just can be angry at you if you make that baby face sweetheart" and gives Ram a bowl of boiled veggies and his medicine.

Ram pics up one boiled broccoli and raises a toast with his fork "For you smile, my lovely wife"

True love is Forgive and Forget is the key, 
Sometimes something tasteless can bring a dash of spice into your life.

Its a true story inspired by my parents

March 19, 2015

The time never stood still..... ~ From a Nomad's diary

Posted by Narayani Karthik at 11:23 AM 4 comments

With every passing phase
gushes a deluge of memories
Some of love and indomitable craze
and some of gloom that cut short the days!

Time always reminds how it flies in haste
when the days are bright and full of glaze
And then, when the tables turn, it falls far behind
and each moment becomes a haunting tale of grind

The past never fails with its preconceived notions
and it tags along with a trail of ‘if's’ and ‘but's’,
But the present stands firm on its subtle intuitions
even as hopes for future are cornered by doubts!

With the second long gone that one hoped would last,
For a moment the doubts left and again, faith stood a chance
But then, the second died leaving a footprint in the past,
as time reminded self that no time were to last!

March 16, 2015

Confessions: I am rich, I want to be wealthy

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I'm 30 (Yes! I don't feel the need to lie about me age because I feel sexier than ever). That's not the point here.

I came here to pen the thoughts that I am having for a while now.
Like every typical human being, who is running a rat-race called life, I did my Grad then Post Grad and got a lucrative job in a creme position, that pays something.

For me, money has never been a priority. Its important but was never topped my list
Off late I see people of my age or younger with so much materialistic pleasures.
Now I see myself wishing that I had more.

People say inner peace is important, but what if I already have inner peace.
What if I want materialistic pleasures now?

Like I am here, trying to save peanut skins out of the peanut size salary, and there I see people spending shit loads on things that they don't need.
I know a girl, who buys things from designer dresses to cars to compete with her peers and many a times doesn't even use those things, just throws it in 2 months.
And here I am, I use clothes for atleast a year, and keep it as a night-suit after it totally worn out

I don't want to think before spending.
I want to buy what i feel like instead of sighing and consoling myself 'Next month pakka i shall buy that"
I want to take a loan not because I need it I want to take a loan to save taxes
I don't want to give up all my pleasures once I start paying a big EMI
I want to take a vacation without planning a budget
I want a designer home, and not a DIY home
I want those fancy looking lights, a fountain and 3 maids to take care of my house.
I want to buy those organic stuff that are three times more priced than normal stuff
I want to go to Bora Bora and not drop my jaws seeing the ticket and the stay price
I want to work as a hobby and not just for money (though i love my job but in the end of the day its money)

When I stand in a petrol bunk, I see an Audi or a land cruiser, I do not see cars, I automatically see the down payment of the house I so wished was mine.

I went to a Louie Vuitton showroom out of curiosity and asked for the price of a dumb looking clutch. The attendant refused to tell me the price, it was insulting. it was as if "dude, you really think you can afford it?"
I was a bitch enough to not leave the store until I knew the price. And no surprises here, that dumb looking clutch was Rs. 59000/-
I mean I have no purse, worth a 5 digit figure.

I want to be wealthy

I want my signature to be an autograph

I know rich and wealthy is different.
I have a rich life, love, family, peace, I want money too


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