May 20, 2014


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Who exactly do you define as ex?
Someone you dated for a period, it didn't work out and you parted ways in good terms or bad terms.
The ones who were your boyfriend /girlfriend  and you guys were in a relationship and broke up and either are just friends now or not in touch at all.

But, what about those, whom you flirted with in that mini-vacation in Goa, so much so that a stranger might think you guys are an item.
What about those with whom you went out for a couple of times and then lost touch?
What about those whom you had a crazy crush on for many many years, who was your bestest friend then and you have imagined a fairytale life with them but they never reciprocated and are not friends anymore?
What about that person whom you were with, until he suddenly left you for another girl?
What about that person whom you used to totally swoon on but never had the guts to express it?

This people aren't technically ex-bfs/ex-gfs but they are ex-something?
So, are these ex-something's considered as ex's?

These somethings are sure to stir up some feeling when their names come up.

(Am sure you reading this might be having a few people in your head now)

That small pang of jealousy when they post a picture with their new partner
That little smile when they "Like" a picture of yours, you get this feeling that maybe you are still on their mind
That frustration when the first name that springs up is theirs when you are searching for someone else
That butterfly feeling when you see an old pic of you guys together in some old laptop

Its inescapable in this digital age, with Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and mutual friends, they are bound to spring up somewhere, sometime in life.

Just because you did not date, doesn't mean you weren't intimate. Physically or Emotionally
There could have been real feelings for them, that feeling may not be "love" but it was "like-love-attraction"
You could have been imagining a future with them before it all drained away, but that feeling you had for them just cannot be discounted because it was only a month or so.
You may never see any of these people again, You may not even remember their names but they’re still exes. The intimacy was real, it just came without any sort of commitment.

A toast to those Ex-Something's

That's the way it was meant to be. Isn't it?

A toast to all those Ex's and their memories

May 14, 2014

The lone warrior

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Fighting all the battles single-handed
Whatever comes, she's a savior
She doesn't have a choice
Always the lone warrior

Life threw random choices at her
She chose this as a martyr
Never does she regret it
Always the lone warrior

There's always something or the other
Building a constant barrier
She just has to get through
Always the lone warrior

She becomes the sword and also the shield
Turning lives even a little bit merrier
Calls it life's purpose, though she is
Always the lone warrior

Doesn't make a difference, if it rains or shines
Hiding emotions behind the steel exterior
Forever pushing herself to be
Always the lone warrior

Until later,


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This might not be a very long post.
This might not even be like a typical "Dee Dee post" but this post is something that I feel deep within

I was sitting alone in a cafe, and was thinking to myself  (People who think why I was alone in a cafe, well I like some time out for myself to put my thoughts in words)

Today, like this phase in my life right now

I'm at peace..yes, really I'm at total peace
Serendipity at its best

I'm at peace with my family

I'm at peace with being single

I'm in peace with my accident

I'm at peace with my not-so-skyrocketing career

I'm at peace with my achievements, my failures

I'm at peace with my imperfections

I'm at peace with my lost relationships

I even tweet quotes, when I read them back I seriously wonder "woow, did i seriously write that?"
and really feels good..

I don't say I don't have mood swings,
I still have my flaring tempers and sometimes bouts of tears, but its just human nature..isn't it?

I still don't know what I want in life, I'm still as aimless as I was 10 years back
But, now it just feels like its meant to be..

It is just a beautiful feeling to be best friends with yourself and best friends with your life.
The whole world starts to look as awesome as it could be..

There was a time in life, when I had everything I wanted, a boyfriend, lot of friends, lot of money but something was missing..I wasn't really happy...

Now, I don't have so many boyfriend, all married friends, depleting bank balance, but it just feels contented and its very liberating in some ways

There comes a point in life where you feel complete..
This is my moment of feeling truly complete, my moment of ease..

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