August 1, 2020

***** The Craving *****

Posted by Narayani Karthik at 8:32 PM


Sometimes for sweets, sometimes for words,
The craving begins as a small itch that refuses to leave unheard.  

It stays within, clogged and heavy... swirling like a blocked chi with no vents...
While the mind continues to deal in mysterious ways, sometimes with brute force and at times, with pretense.

A scoop of caramel custard or a slice of lemon tart seduces the mind with its creamy flavours on one hand....
While a mug of hot choc or a slice of the decadent chocolate cake indulges in the tug of war unmanned!

But that is not what bothers a deviant mind the most....
For cravings are mere coping mechanisms the mind adopts to stall impending chaos...

While, the meandering thoughts continue to sprout new weeds of uncertainties in the head...
The rational mind struggles to bring the soul back with hope and faith & in good stead!


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